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Data-driven Solutions for Evaluating and Planning Last Mile Operations in Latin America: A Methodological Approach Focused in Quito, Ecuador

Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Emerging Markets

ISBN: 978-1-83909-333-3, eISBN: 978-1-83909-331-9

Publication date: 20 November 2020


With the increasing urbanization rates in emerging countries such as the ones in Latin America and the Caribbean, urban logistics solutions and initiatives are widely needed. Urban planners often consider only passenger transportation and leave freight transportation unattended, thus increasing externalities and degrading the transportation of goods. This chapter presents three urban logistics solutions, which intend to tackle problems related to urbanization and last mile delivery operations challenges by evaluating location models for loading and unloading bays, urban transfer centers location models, and freight trip generation models. The presented solutions were proposed by several researchers of the Institute of Innovation in Productivity and Logistics CATENA-USFQ over the last four years and remain theoretical at the moment. However, we present estimated results of potential implementations in three districts of Quito: Historic Center, Entertainment District, and Corporate District. This chapter not only presents the mentioned urban logistics solutions in Quito but also gives an overview of the followed methodology, which can be replicated in countries and cities of similar characteristics of the region.




The authors would like to acknowledge Dr. Daniel Merchán and Dr. Matthias Winkenbach, from MIT CTL, for their guidance and support when applying the aforementioned methodology. We would also like to thank previously enrolled CATENA-USFQ's researchers and students: Sol López, Juan Sosa, Esteban Aguirre, José Muñoz, Pablo Cisneros, Maria Angeles Jacome, and Victor Dominguez for their contributions in Loading and Unloading Bays Optimization Models; Carolina Chávez and Francisco Calero for their contributions in Transfer Centers Optimization Models; Laura Palacios Argüello and Jesús Gonzalez Feliu, members of the Institut Henri Fayol École des Mines de Saint Étienne France for their contributions in FTG Models in Quito.


Puente-Mejia, B., Orellana-Rojas, C. and Suárez-Núñez, C. (2020), "Data-driven Solutions for Evaluating and Planning Last Mile Operations in Latin America: A Methodological Approach Focused in Quito, Ecuador", Yoshizaki, H.T.Y., Mejía Argueta, C. and Mattos, M.G. (Ed.) Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Emerging Markets, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 107-129.



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