Why Do People Migrate?

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Labour Market Security and Migration Decisions

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University of Warsaw, Poland

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About the Contributors

Maciej Duszczyk is based at the University of Warsaw, Poland, as Vice-Rector for Research, and is a member of the Board of Centre of Migration Research and the Transatlantic Forum on Migration and Integration. In 2008–2011, he was a member of the Board of Strategic Advisers to the Prime Minister of Poland.

Maciej A. Górecki is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw. His main research interests are elections and voting. He has published articles in Electoral Studies, European Journal of Political Research, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Political Geography, Political Studies, Scandinavian Political Studies and West European Politics.

Kamil Matuszczyk is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, and Research Assistant at Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw. His main research interests are labour migration, long-term care, ageing of society and social policy.

Monika Stec is a Sociologist and Qualitative Researcher (PhD studies in Graduate School for Social Research), since 2007 involved with social research on labour market, local communities, education, new technologies, discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices. Her main research interests are discourse analysis, social innovations, methodology of qualitative research and ethics in research.


This book is an output of the research project ‘In Search of Labour Market Security. Migration to and from Poland and the Attractiveness of the Polish Labour Market’, financed by the Polish National Centre of Science within the framework of the OPUS programme (contract UMO-2014/15/B/HS5/01148).