Brief Descriptions of Companions and Characters

Kimberly Yost (Pennsylvania Western University, USA)

Courageous Companions

ISBN: 978-1-83753-987-1, eISBN: 978-1-83753-984-0

Publication date: 24 January 2024


Yost, K. (2024), "Brief Descriptions of Companions and Characters", Courageous Companions (Exploring Effective Leadership Practices through Popular Culture), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 103-106.



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Character Portrayed By Brief Description
Ace (Dorothy) Sophie Aldred Originally a companion of the Seventh Doctor from Perivale, Ace returns to help UNIT and the Thirteenth Doctor fight The Master. She is known for carrying a baseball bat and being a chemistry whiz
Ashildr/Me Miasie Williams A Viking girl who dies in combat with the Mya and is brought back to life by the Twelfth Doctor, but she becomes immortal. She eventually turns against The Doctor
Clay, Helen Nikki Amuka-Bird Glass Woman of The Testimony
Cooper, Gwen Eve Myles A member of Torchwood who defends Earth from aliens with Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones
Davros Julian Bleach The creator of the Daleks
Flint, Jenny Catrin Stewart Wife of Madame Vastra and helps her and Strax investigate mysteries in Victorian London
Frame, Alonzo Russell Tovey Midshipman on the doomed spaceship Titanic who is one of the few survivors
Harkness, Captain Jack John Barrowman A rogue time traveler from the 51st Century who frequently crosses paths with The Doctor. Is given leadership of Torchwood
Heather Stephanie Hyam A woman abducted by an alien lifeform to be the pilot of their ship. She becomes a shape shifting watery substance able to travel across time and space. She falls in love with Bill Potts
Jones, Harriet Penelope Winton Jones is a House of Commons backbencher who helps the Ninth Doctor foil an alien invasion and becomes Prime Minister. Jones earns the wrath of the Tenth Doctor, resulting in losing her position. She ultimately saves Earth from the Daleks by sacrificing her own life
Jones, Ianto Gareth David-Lloyd A member of Torchwood who defends Earth from aliens with Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper
Jones, Martha Freema Agyeman A medical student saved by the Tenth Doctor. Becomes a leader of UNIT. Marries Mickey Smith
Khan, Yasmin Mandip Gill A probationary officer from Sheffield and a primary school classmate of Ryan Sinclair who travels with the Thirteenth Doctor. She has romantic feelings for The Doctor, but they are not acted upon
Lewis, Dan John Bishop A Companion to the Thirteenth Doctor who was abducted by Lupari. He is from Liverpool and works at a food bank but pretends to be a tour guide at a local museum
Master, The Derek Jacobi
John Simm
Michelle Gomez
Sacha Dhawan
The Master/Missy is a childhood friend of The Doctor and also a Time Lord. A childhood trauma of staring into the time vortex warped their mind and they became sociopathic
Mott, Wilfred Bernard Cribbins Donna's grandfather who supports the Tenth Doctor through various actions on Earth
Nardole Matt Lucas A cyborg who serves River Song and then becomes a companion to the Twelfth Doctor
Noble, Donna Catherine Tate An outspoken temporary administrative assistant from Chiswick. Initially an accidental Companion, she gleefully travels with the Tenth Doctor. After taking in pure time energy and saving the universe, the Tenth Doctor erases her memories so she can return to her life on Earth
O'Brien, Graham Bradley Walsh A retiree and cancer survivor who loses his wife Grace to an alien attack. Becomes a companion to the Thirteenth Doctor. He is the step-grandfather to Ryan Sinclair
Osgoods Ingrid Oliver Scientific Advisor to UNIT who is a twin with a human/Zygon sister
Oswald, Clara Jenna Coleman Also known as The Impossible Girl, the character is shown to have followed The Doctor throughout the series. She is a Dalek, governess, and schoolteacher. Primarily the companion to the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors
Pink, Danny (Rupert) Samuel Anderson Clara Oswald's boyfriend and fellow teacher at Coal Hill School. A former soldier in Afghanistan
Pond, Amy (Amelia) Karen Gillan Visited by the Eleventh Doctor as a child, she waits for him to return and becomes a Companion until she is disappeared by the Weeping Angels and dies in a different time and place
Potts, Bill Pearl Mackie A university cafeteria worker who becomes the Twelfth Doctor's Companion. She is “upgraded” to a Cyberman but maintains her humanity. She ultimately is given the ability to travel the universe with her girlfriend Heather
Sinclair, Ryan Tosin Cole A young man from Sheffield who travels with the Thirteenth Doctor. Step grandson to Graham O'Brien and school friend of Yasmin Khan
Smith, Mickey Noel Clarke Rose's boyfriend who also travels with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. Becomes a freedom fighter in a parallel universe and marries Martha Jones
Smith, Sarah Jane Elisabeth Sladen Originally a Companion to the Third and Fourth Doctors, she meets up with the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors to help save Earth again and again
Song, River Alex Kingston The daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams who becomes a time traveling archeologist and wife to The Doctor. Wrongly imprisoned for killing The Eleventh Doctor
Stewart, Kate Jemma Redgrave Head of UNIT
Strax Dan Starkey A Sontaran soldier and trained nurse relegated to living on Earth. Works with Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint to solve mysteries in Victorian London
Jovanka, Tegan Janet Fielding A former stewardess from Australia, she originally traveled with the Fourth and Fifth Doctors. She returns to help UNIT and the Thirteenth Doctor fight The Master
Tyler, Rose Billie Piper A shopgirl who travels with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. She falls in love with them but is exiled to a parallel universe through a rift in space. She continues to fight Cybermen and returns to her original universe when the stars start to go out and she needs the help of the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble
Vastra, Madame Neve McIntosh A homo reptilius lifeform saved by the Eleventh Doctor who now lives in Victorian London with her wife Jenny Flint and Strax. They investigate mysteries and watch over The Doctor
Williams, Brian Mark Williams Rory Williams' dad
Williams, Rory Arthur Darvill Husband to Amy Pond and Companion to the Eleventh Doctor until he is disappeared by the Weeping Angels and dies in a different time and place
The Doctors Portrayed By
Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston
Tenth Doctor/Fourteenth Doctor David Tennant
Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith
Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi
Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker
The Fugitive Doctor Jo Martin
The War Doctor John Hurt
First Doctor David Bradley (Originally played by William Hartnell)