Jenny Garrett OBE (Jenny Garrett Global, UK)

Equality vs Equity: Tackling Issues of Race in the Workplace

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Publication date: 13 February 2023


Garrett, J. (2023), "Prelims", Equality vs Equity: Tackling Issues of Race in the Workplace, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. i-xvii.



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Equality vs Equity


Equality vs Equity

Tackling Issues of Race in the Workplace


Jenny Garrett OBE

Jenny Garrett Global, UK

United Kingdom – North America – Japan – India – Malaysia – China

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‘An excellent book for anyone who wants to learn more and truly understand the importance of equity and how to create inclusion through the lens of race. Jenny shares many great examples of her own lived experiences which really help to bring the book to life.’

Asif Sadiq MBE, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Warner Bros.

Equality vs Equity is a great work authored through the lived experience lens of specialist coach and trainer in the diversity arena, Jenny Garrett OBE. It is the game changer required to achieve a fresh new approach to challenge a 40-year-old problem. A must have (handbook full) of step-by-step advice for anyone with real commitment and interest in moving the Equality vs Equity Dial forward.’

Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE, DL Chair, Black Cultural Archives

‘As usual, I learn from Jenny Garrett OBE every time we interact – this time via her latest fantastic book. Share this hugely practical book with friends, colleagues and others who either want to, or perhaps need to, become more ADEPT at living in a modern world where the global majority deserve far more.’

Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris, Author of The Con Job: Getting Ahead for Competence in a World Obsessed with Confidence

‘A book of bountiful evidence and facts on the state of play today in terms of racial equality in UK workplaces. Combining powerful personal experience presented dispassionately with figures and stories from across the recent past, Jenny offers a simple framework to get the reader – who is curious and interested to make a difference – to be part of the solution. A recommended read.’

Sarah Churchman OBE, Chief Inclusion, Community and Wellbeing Officer, PwC

‘If you read one book this year, make it this one! I have worked with Jenny on a number of occasions and always come away having learnt something and with a renewed vigour to make a difference. The fact [that] Jenny has put her unique storytelling abilities, borne of her lived and professional experience, into a book is just a gift to us all. In her introduction, Jenny talks about the African proverb “if you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven't spent the night with a mosquito.” I couldn't think of a stronger rally call for everyone to listen, learn and continue making the difference we can […].’

Gareth Hind, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, First Bus

‘I never feel that I’m doing enough to understand and tackle racial inequity[.] I don't think it's possible for me or any white person to ever be doing enough in this space. We can all learn more, listen more, hear more and take more action. If, like me, you want to play your part in tackling racial inequity then you really must read this book. It's time to be the Empathetic changemaker the world needs you to be. It's also time we started to accept that those who are Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and or have been racialised as “ethnic Minorities” are actually, as Jenny explains, the Global Majority. The clock is ticking for those of us white folks, we are the Global Minority, we need to learn fast, and make change happen even faster […] in the interest of everyone on our little planet.’

Andy Woodfield, PwC Partner, Global Sector Leader for International Development

‘If we’re going to tackle racial injustice, then we need to address the fact that there is no such thing as a level playing field, and that the systems in which we live and work are themselves biased and discriminatory. Unless we tackle systemic inequity, there is little chance of achieving racial justice. This book is an important contribution to the field. It helps to increase our understanding and awareness of the systemic injustices at play in our workplaces, organisations and wider systems, and is also a call to all of us to do the work – with guidance on how to become a change-maker, as well as actionable steps we can all take towards greater equity. Most important of all, it stresses the importance of doing our own personal work to enable us to become instruments for change.’

Aboodi Shabi, Lecturer in Coaching and Behavioural Change, Henley Business School

‘I am excited for people to read this book and use it to have moments to have self-reflection, but to also consider the role they play in shifting the dialogue we need to have around race and identity. This is a book for everyone and all. Well done Jenny for continuing this important conversation.’

Geoffrey O. Williams, Global VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Burberry

‘The combination of Jenny's honest lived experiences, well thought out research and clear explanations of complex topics make this a superbly compelling read. I recommend it for anyone who is afraid to have frank and honest conversations about race and wants to become a better ally.’

Janet Tidmarsh FCIPD

‘Jenny Garrett OBE has written a deeply personal, persuasive and highly educational book that will add to the rich, progressive discussion on racial equity and equality in the UK and more widely. This is definitely a must read!’

Peter Alleyne, Associate Director for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Race Equality, Rethink Mental Illness

‘This book is an extension of Jenny's passion, honesty and ability to open your thought process and understanding of the world as it equates to racial equity. It's unapologetic, enlightening, yet practical. Jenny is voicing the conversations that your black and brown colleagues are having behind closed doors every day. If you are serious about understanding racial equity and challenging your own assumptions, this book is a “must” read for anyone to actively engage in changing the narrative.’

Devi Virdi, Group Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Centrica Plc

‘Jenny Garrett has written a book that will soon become essential to anyone committed to developing and nurturing equitable workplaces and societies. Jenny draws on her experience in professional and personal spaces to inform how individuals, groups, and societies can become more aware of racial injustices, and she offers practice recommendations that can lead to greater inclusivity. I will be recommending this book to both colleagues and students.’

Professor Carole Elliott, Associate Dean Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Development, Sheffield University Management School

‘I met Jenny in the lockdown zone, I mention this because it was a tipping point in the life and history for Black People. Notably we experienced the pandemic, the George Floyd murder, and a global community awakening and awareness. I think this book is timely, it is needed and instructional to make sense of the world we are living in and to help navigate how we move from equality to equity.’

Karl George MBE Partner RSM, Author of the RACE Equality Code

“Knotty, gordian issues require focused minds and bold actions to unravel them and mobilise change. Jenny Garrett's new book does this honestly, vulnerably and directly to the entrenched issue of racism. With finesse and compelling assuredness, Jenny invites one and all to the table to explore the issue of race justice and to do so from the position of “the solution focused change agent”. She compels the reader to state, full throated and unapologetically, that “The Time for change is now. The agent of change is me”. Get ready, dear reader, to be equipped, emboldened, and roused to be a powerful catalyst for change.’

Sharon Amesu, Co-Founder, She Leads for Legacy

‘This is a much needed book for the current times we are living in. It is extremely well researched with academic references and lived experiences. It is easy to understand and implement as a handbook for every organisation or leader who aspires to be anti-racist. Jenny explains the difference between equality and equity in a way that makes so much sense, while offering practical tips and strategies to achieve true equity in the workplace.’

Wali Rahman, Diversity and Wellbeing Manager, Forestry Commission

‘I love Jenny's positive approach. In Equality vs Equity Jenny acknowledges that real change is happening and explains why the shift from equality to equity is a vital part of the process if we are to keep up the momentum. I applaud Jenny's positive mindset and progressive nature which make Equality vs Equity a must read for anyone who truly wants to understand how to move the dial forward.’

Gamiel Yafai, Founder and CEO, Diversity Marketplace

‘I admire and applaud the courage Jenny Garrett demonstrates in raising a variety of issues in this very timely book. Whilst she could have been tempted to quietly enjoy the privileges afforded by her own success, she has chosen the less travelled road of identifying and analysing the very real issues we face, especially in the workplace and related settings. […] I am certain that those who have values that include ethical and equitable conduct will embrace this book that draws us into deeper reflections about our own practices and conduct and how we can achieve racial equity. I am pleased that Jenny candidly discusses her own journey and the experiences of others as well as what the possibilities for change can be, if we are resilient in our pursuit of racial equity.’

‘We can all contribute to the debate – I believe that this book shares a balanced perspective that all of us, from all walks of life and communities, can learn from. I hope that we embrace the many lessons and take time to reflect on our own values, beliefs and practices as we read this book with the view to as Jenny says, “seeing differently, thinking differently and doing things differently”. […] Together we can create a truly better tomorrow for us all.’

Dr Irene Brew-Riverson, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster

‘An engaging and relatable read that had me gripped from the beginning, Equality vs Equity helps readers grasp the concept of racial equity in its true essence through practical and action-oriented strategies — a must-read for those serious about understanding and implementing racial equity at work.’

Hira Ali, Founder of Advancing Your Potential and Author of Her Way To The Top: A Guide to Smashing the Glass Ceiling and Her Allies: A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead Through Advocacy

‘The conversation on racial inequality in the UK has progressed over the last few years but there is still much to do, learn and be implemented in order to make real progress on this agenda. Equality vs Equity: Tackling Issues of Race in the Workplace is the tool we’ve been waiting for that provides really helpful guidance and practical solutions [for] an ongoing issue and for organisations willing to make the change. I really do recommend reading this!’

Sharniya Ferdinand, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

‘Jenny has achieved through this book a brilliant work of authentically narrating her lived experiences, intricately woven persuasive arguments about the urgency of amplifying equity and providing actionable strategies for anyone. Each chapter is steeped in history, research, anecdotes, and practical tools to kindle one's desire for action. This is a must read for anyone interested in contributing to creating an equitable future in business and society at large.’

Dr Jummy Okoya, Senior Lecturer and Chair, Women's Network, University of East London

‘Jenny has been challenging and shaping equality in the workplace for many years and as a result is a leader in this space. I have witnessed leaders change their internal processes as a result of her delivery and heard employees reflect on the impact they can have following her sessions. I know that this book will have a huge impact on every reader and will continue to shape ED&I globally.’

Sonia Meggie, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

‘The narrative around racial equity has always been uncomfortable in the workplace; made even more difficult when you include the many layers of intersectionality. […] After nearly two decades of […] debate, this book will offer a fresh insight into racial bias and discrimination, and how leaders can become more comfortable and, more importantly, diligent change makers rather than […] complacent managers sitting on the side-lines expecting change.’

Sonia Brown MBE, Founder and Director, National Black Women's Network (NBWN) and SistaTalk

‘In this book Jenny has provided an easy, informative, and engaging resource that bridges the gap between awareness for race equality, and the practical steps we must all take to ensure race equity. This is not just another book about race, this is a playbook that will shift gears for race equity, from conversation to action to long term impact!’

Pauline Miller, Chief Equity Officer EMEA, Dentsu International

Dedication Page

To my wonderful caring and patient family and friends, in particular my husband, mum, daughter, and goddaughter who came on the writing journey with me and inspire me daily.

A special thanks to those busy people who made time to be interviewed for this book, I appreciate you.


Introduction 1
My Lived Experience 3
How to Read This Book 8
Chapter One Awareness of Context 11
Equality vs Equity 11
How Equality and Equity Differ 13
Seesaw Power Play 14
Equity in Action 16
The Myth of Meritocracy 17
Tips to Advance Racial Equity 19
Race in Recent Times in the UK 19
Race in the UK Workplace 25
Chapter Two Deepening Our Knowledge of Lived Experience 29
Albert's Story 29
Albert's Manager 32
Reflecting on Albert's Story 34
The System 34
Why Was Albert's Intelligence Seen as a Problem? 34
Employment 35
Microaggressions 35
Non-verbal Bias 38
Race vs Class 38
Ethnicity Pay Gap 39
Accent Bias 40
Cultural Intelligence 41
Top Tips – Advancing Racial Equity 42
Chapter Three Being an Empathetic Changemaker 45
Seek Alternative Truths 46
The Case of the Folding Bike 47
Radical Humbling 47
Psychological Safety for All 48
Accountability 49
Perseverance 50
Act with Integrity 52
Channel Anger 53
Awareness and Action Are at the Heart of Change 53
Tips on Being an Empathetic Changemaker 54
Chapter Four Defining Our Pathways to Action 57
Ascertain Collective Knowledge 58
Examples of Collective Knowledge That You Can Ascertain 59
Bring to Light Your Blind Spots 60
Some Places to Look for Potential Blind Spots 60
Learning from Your Colleagues 64
Examples of How You Can Learn from Your Colleagues 65
Experiment to Find What Works 67
Examples of Experimenting to Find What Works 67
Appreciating Difference 69
You’ve Been Cancelled, Now What? 72
Challenging the Status Quo 73
Notice the Intersections 77
Developmental Interventions 79
Strategic Interventions 80
Self-directed 81
Use Life Experiences 82
Training and Development 83
Case Study: The Power of Positive Action Programmes 85
Chapter Five Practising Thoughtful Introspection 89
Calling In 89
Conversations on Race and Ethnicity 91
Your Reflective Practice 92
Human Resources Professionals 96
Glossary of terms 99
Index 105