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Does Tourist Pressure Influence the Online Reputation of a Tourist Attraction? Empirical Evidence From the Uffizi Gallery

aUniversity of Florence, Italy

Online Reputation Management in Destination and Hospitality

ISBN: 978-1-80382-376-8, eISBN: 978-1-80382-375-1

Publication date: 9 February 2023


A destination's ability to attract tourists is associated with the visitor experience and, in recent years, visitors have increasingly used virtual environments and digital innovation, such as social media platforms, to communicate their experience of tourist destinations. A positive well-communicated tourist experience improves the reputation of the destination and has relevant consequences for both the destination's attractiveness and its competitive advantage. On the contrary, when the destination's reputation is negatively affected by visitors' experiences, comments and reviews, such destination might compromise its ability to attract new visitors. Studies in this field agree alike that the tourist experience is negatively affected by overcrowding and overflows phenomena occurring around the visited city attractions. The present research, merging the aforementioned observations, investigates whether visitor density affects the online reputation of the Uffizi Gallery, estimated by extracting visitors' opinions and feedbacks on the city's main attractions from TripAdvisor ratings and from Twitter posts, by applying sentiment analysis to evaluate whether the text is positive, negative, or neutral. The city of Florence is an ideal case study, as the city records almost 16 million tourist overnight stays per year hence highly exposed to the risk of tourist overcrowding and overflows. The research findings reveal that Uffizi Gallery experiences and mood are influenced by the number of visitors insisting and if tourists live a negative experience, this is further exacerbated by the growing density of visitors themselves. We find that, if tourists have a negative experience, this is exacerbated by the density of visitors to the Uffizi Gallery. The results reveal also that tourists' experiences are even more influenced by any general dissatisfaction they experience in the city of Florence in a broader way. Practical implications and theoretical contributions are discussed.



Ciappei, C., Liberatore, G., Nesi, P., Pantaleo, G., Monti, A. and Surchi, M. (2023), "Does Tourist Pressure Influence the Online Reputation of a Tourist Attraction? Empirical Evidence From the Uffizi Gallery", Rialti, R., Kvítková, Z. and Makovník, T. (Ed.) Online Reputation Management in Destination and Hospitality, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 197-211.



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