Axel Kaehne (Edge Hill University, UK)

Integrated Care: Reflections on Change in Health Services

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Publication date: 15 April 2022


Kaehne, A. (2022), "Prelims", Integrated Care: Reflections on Change in Health Services, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. i-x.



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Integrated Care

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Integrated Care

Reflections on Change in Health Services


Axel Kaehne

Edge Hill University, UK

United Kingdom – North America – Japan – India – Malaysia – China

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Für meinen Bruder, Steffen Kähne.


About the Author ix
Chapter 1 Introduction – Why Integrated Care Is So Hard to Achieve 1
Chapter 2 The Future of Integrated Care 7
Chapter 3 How Organisation Theory May Help Us Understand Integrated Care 13
Chapter 4 Integrating Care as Organisational Design 19
Chapter 5 Complexity in Integration Studies 31
Chapter 6 Care Integration as a Liminal Moment 45
Chapter 7 Tacit Assumptions in Care Integration 57
Chapter 8 The Politics of Integrating Services 63
Chapter 9 Is Integration a Science or a Craft? 81
Chapter 10 Reconciling the Practice, Research and Reality of Integrated Care 95
Chapter 11 Integrated Care as a Research Paradigm 109
Chapter 12 Patient-centred Care and Integration 125
Index 139

About the Author

Axel Kaehne was born in Berlin (Germany) and educated at both the Free University and Humboldt University. After relocating to the UK, he completed his PhD in Political Science at the University of Wales in 2004. In 2005, he took up the position of Research Fellow at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University. He was appointed Reader (Associate Professor) in Health Service Research at the Medical School, Edge Hill University in 2016 and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Integrated Care. He is a Visiting Professor at the Department of Health and Social Management at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio and currently President of the European Health Management Association (Brussels).