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Knowledge and Compliance with Infectious Disease Preventive Measures among Market-Involved Individuals: A Case of COVID-19

Olayinka Onayemi (Bowen University, Nigeria)
Isaac Oyekola (Landmark University, Nigeria)
Tunde Adebisi (Landmark University, Nigeria)

Entrepreneurship and Post-Pandemic Future

ISBN: 978-1-80117-903-4, eISBN: 978-1-80117-902-7

Publication date: 3 March 2022


This study examined public knowledge and compliance with infectious disease preventive measures using COVID-19 as a case study. Exploratory research design was employed to collect primary qualitative data from 23 market-involved individuals through the use of in-depth interviews. Responses from the interviewees were audio-recorded, transcribed and categorised into themes before content analysis was used to decrypt fundamental cognitive processes and patterns. Results showed good public knowledge of the infectious disease signs and symptoms, mode of transmission as well as prevention. However, knowledge of how and why some of these preventive measures should be engaged was inadequate or lacking. Findings further showed knowledge-praxis gaps as expressed in the non-observance of face mask directives, disregarding social distancing requirements, and non-compliance to handwashing obligations. Lastly, results showed that observed preventive inactions were reportedly rooted in scarcity of proximate infectious disease cases, public distrust in government, leadership exemplar deficit, individual's poor responsibility mentality, and difficulties in adapting to preventive and control guidelines. Knowledge of this study is most beneficial to market-involved individuals affected by infectious disease policies. This empirical study has helped to unveil the need to bridge knowledge-praxis gap in order to curtail the spread of any infectious disease especially in market areas. The study concluded that unless health communication of infectious disease is adequately and properly disseminated, knowledge-praxis gaps remains inevitable. The need for detailed dissemination of health information, cum intervention strategies that bridge the observed knowledge-compliance gaps is highly imperative in a progressive and dynamic society.



Onayemi, O., Oyekola, I. and Adebisi, T. (2022), "Knowledge and Compliance with Infectious Disease Preventive Measures among Market-Involved Individuals: A Case of COVID-19", Eniola, A.A. (Ed.) Entrepreneurship and Post-Pandemic Future, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 183-201.



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