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Children's Experience of Nature Holidays: A Motivation for Environmental Responsible Behaviour

Zohre Mohammadi (James Cook University, Singapore)

Children in Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

ISBN: 978-1-80117-657-6, eISBN: 978-1-80117-656-9

Publication date: 7 March 2022


Children have the ability to contribute to sustainable tourism research. A great deal of research on nature holiday has been conducted. However, it is unclear how this travel might serve as a good motivator for children to engage in environmentally responsible behaviour. To address this research gap, 72 drawings of children aged nine to 12 from Tehran, Iran, accompanied with the stories of their holiday were collected. Thematic analysis was done to assess their experience in nature and their cognitive state of environmental responsible behaviour. According to the finding, children are significantly concerned about nature, and they mostly perceived their best holidays in the natural environment. Children displayed a profound awareness of environmental responsible behaviour themes through their encounters with nature. Their experiences are classified into five levels: sensory, emotive, cognitive, behavioural and relationship. Each of these stages of experience may be used as a guideline for encouraging and training youngsters to be responsible.



Mohammadi, Z. (2022), "Children's Experience of Nature Holidays: A Motivation for Environmental Responsible Behaviour", Séraphin, H. (Ed.) Children in Sustainable and Responsible Tourism, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 27-40.



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