James D. Spina (The Delta Group Network, Inc., USA)
Lori J. Spina (The Delta Group Network, Inc., USA)

“C” Leadership: A New Way to Beat the Competition and Manage Organization Stakeholders

ISBN: 978-1-80117-054-3, eISBN: 978-1-80117-053-6

Publication date: 26 July 2021


Spina, J.D. and Spina, L.J. (2021), "Prelims", “C” Leadership: A New Way to Beat the Competition and Manage Organization Stakeholders, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. i-xi.



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Figures, Charts and Diagrams vii
Author Biographies ix
Acknowledgments xi
Introduction: What is “C” Leadership? 1
1. Review of Conflicting Leadership Style Models 5
2. A Closer Look at the Science for “C” Leadership 9
3. A Deeper Dive Into “C” Leadership Theory 13
4. Leadership Skills and Abilities Assessment of Incumbent Managers 21
5. “C” Leadership Education and Development Activities for Managers 29
6. Introduction of “C” Leadership to External Stakeholders 43
7. Evaluation Techniques for Measuring “C” Leadership Success 49
8. Future “C” leadership Challenges 53
9. Final Thoughts 59
Appendix 1: Activities and Plans for “C” Leadership Education 63
Appendix 2: Original Thought Experiment Paper for “C Leadership”“Towards a New Theory of Leadership” 79
Appendix 3: Scenario Solutions 93
Bibliography 97
Index 99

Figures, Charts and Diagrams

The “Two Slit” Experiment 11
Observation of a Task Focussed Leader 14
Diagram. Observation of a People Focussed Leader 14
Adobe Photo #330 15
Fig. 1. “Black Box” (Old Version) 17
Fig. 2. “Black Box” (New Version) 18
Fig. 3. “Stakeholders’ Needs in an Organization” 18
Fig. 4. Stakeholder Needs United 19
In-house Assessment of Instruction 37
Leadership Style Assessment 41
Readiness for Change Assessment 63
Chart: “Building a Community Reputation for Quality of Life” 64
“Money Wheel” Photo 64
Sales Report Card 64
Chart: “Six Common Challenges to Win/Win Leadership Behaviors” 69
Chart: “Mechanistic Culture Organization” 69
Chart: “Matrix Culture Organization” 69
“What People Want from Work Questionnaire” 71
“Win as Many Sales as You Can” Formation 72
Problem Analysis Thinking Tools 74
Cause and Effect Analysis Tool 75
Impact Analysis Tool 76

Author Biographies

The authors, James D. Spina and Lori J. Spina, bring a track record of success and achievement in the fields of Education, Consulting and Business. After successful careers in public education as teachers, counselors and administrators, Jim and Lori established a management consulting firm in the 1980s that still flourishes today. The Delta Group Network Inc., under direction of President Lori Spina, has been helping managers succeed in for-profit and non-profit arenas, such as law, hospitality, religious, charity, manufacturing, government and technology. She has authored and implemented a Leadership Development curriculum for a major public agency. She has also been involved in pro-bono advisory activities for professional organizations and taught in community college Executive Education programs.

Dr Jim Spina has held full-time Executive Development and Succession Planning positions in publishing and broadcast industries as well as his participation in The Delta Group Network engagements. He has also been on the faculty of an international school of business based in Zurich and served as board chair for a non-profit sheltered workshop. He is a past member of the advisory board of the Academy of Management’s publication, “The Executive.”

Both authors served as full-time faculty members at a top ranked business school for many years in the Management and Organization field. They have had significant international teaching and consulting engagements in Europe and Asia as well as in Canada. They have instructed students in managing change in MBA programs as well as in Executive Education courses. Both have publication credits in respected national and international journals.

In the past Jim and Lori have been asked, “Why don’t you write a book? This is good stuff!” They decided that the time was right to do so.


The authors wish to thank the following people for their feedback , support and encouragement given to us as we wrote our book.

  1. Daniel Auriel, Ph.D. Chemist European Area

  2. Dirk Baquet, M.B.A. IT Program Munich Area, Germany

  3. Martina Dippel, M.B.A. Inside Sales Manager Ulm Area, Germany

  4. Danielle Yarrish, B.S. University of Maryland Smith School of Business Contract Administrator Elkridge, MD