Hans Schlappa (University of Hertfordshire, UK)
Tatsuya Nishino (Kanazawa University, Japan)

Addressing Urban Shrinkage in Small and Medium Sized Towns

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Publication date: 10 May 2021


Schlappa, H. and Nishino, T. (2021), "Prelims", Addressing Urban Shrinkage in Small and Medium Sized Towns, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. i-xiii.



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Addressing Urban Shrinkage in Small and Medium Sized Towns

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Addressing Urban Shrinkage in Small and Medium Sized Towns

Shrink Smart and Re-grow Smaller


Hans Schlappa

University of Hertfordshire, UK


Tatsuya Nishino

Kanazawa University, Japan

United Kingdom – North America – Japan – India Malaysia – China

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To Hannah, Daniel and Lucy who were there in the hour of need

List of Figures

Figure 3.1. Negative Development Spiral.
Figure 3.2. An Older Resident Takes Her Newspapers to the Local Recycling Facility in Suzu, Japan.
Figure 3.3. Change of Population and Municipal Tax Revenue in Suzu, Japan, 2009–2017 (Thousand JPY) (Suzu City, 2013, 2019).
Figure 3.4. Change of Municipal General Account of Expense in Suzu, Japan, 2009–2017 (Thousand JPY) (Suzu City, 2013, 2019).
Figure 3.5. Change in Long-Term Care Insurance Expenses for People 65 Years and Older in Suzu, Japan (Thousand JPY).
Figure 4.1. Population Change in Japan, 2015 (Shimizu, 2020).
Figure 4.2. Shrinking Towns in Germany.
Figure 4.3. Japanese Model.
Figure 4.4. German Model.
Figure 4.5. United Kingdom Model
Figure 5.1. Small and Medium Sized Towns Shrink Smart and Re-grow Smaller.
Figure 6.1. The Enhancement of the River Front Before and After.
Figure 6.2. Creation of an Elevator Which Links a National Visitor Attraction on a Hill above the Town to the Town Centre.
Figure 6.3. Cycle of Decline and Development.
Figure 7.1. Stages and Levels of Co-production (Schlappa, Imani, & Nishino, 2021).
Figure 7.2. Placemaking Outside the Community Sitting Room.
Figure 7.3. Seasonal Pub and Art Gallery in Aluksne, Slovenia of the Aluksne Pop-up Shop Initiative.
Figure 7.4. The Anchor Shop in Melgaço.
Figure 7.5. Reconfiguring Medical Service Provision in Rural Japan.
Figure 7.6. Mobile Postal Service UK.
Figure 7.7. After Rightsizing the Urban Fabric, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin.
Figure 7.8. Abandoned Residential Apartment Block in Yubari, Japan.
Figure 7.9. Smart Urban Shrinkage Plan in Yubari, Japan.
Figure 7.10. Block Heating Infrastructure Left after Demolition.
Figure 7.11. The 20 × 20 m2 Plots at the Envisioning Stage Marked in Red and Then after Adoption by Residents.
Figure 7.12. The ABC Model for Strategic Brownfield Land Management (Ferber & Preuss, 2006).
Figure 7.13. A Street Where Refurbishment is Ongoing, Granby Four Streets, Liverpool, UK.
Figure 8.1. Integrating Top-down and Bottom-up Policy to Tackle Long-term Decline.

List of Abbreviations


International Building Exhibition


Japanese Yen


small and medium sized towns

About the Authors

Hans Schlappa is Senior Lecturer in Public Management at Hertfordshire University Business School. He has led several knowledge exchange networks on integrated approaches to urban regeneration. His research and teaching are centred around leadership the co-production of public services, public governance, and strategic management of public services. Prior to his academic career Dr Schlappa worked for 20 years in public and third sector organisations where he managed regeneration initiatives aimed at the socio-economic development of deprived urban areas and the reclamation of derelict land. Hans has extensive experience in undertaking practice oriented research, including assignments for the UK government, local government and third sector organisations.

Tatsuya Nishino is a Professor at Kanazawa University in Japan. He holds a doctoral degree obtained at Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 2005. He started his teaching career as Assistant Professor at Hiroshima University in 2005 and moved to Kanazawa University in 2009. In 2019, he stayed at the University of Hertfordshire as a visiting scholar for his sabbatical leave. Over the past 15 years his research has focused on facility planning for the provision of older people's services and on planning processes to re-organise public service providing facilities in cities affected by population loss. He co-edited a book in 2015 on methods for re-organisation of public service providing facilities in Japan. He received the Prize of AIJ 2019 from Architectural Institute of Japan for his studies on facility planning.