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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Libraries

Examining the impact of industry 4.0 on academic libraries

ISBN: 978-1-80043-657-2, eISBN: 978-1-80043-656-5

Publication date: 8 January 2021


The Libraries are in an era where changes come with high speed and much intense issues, and this seems to be as a result of the 4th industrial revolution. These emerging issues come in the form of changes that are not supposed to be overlooked by the library managers. These are changes libraries and Librarians have to be knowledgeable about. This chapter will address the impact, issues, challenges and controversies, prospects and how libraries should adapt, embrace and redesign their services, spaces and roles to accommodate this change on the Libraries. Existing research in the 4th Industrial revolution tends to focus on the challenges without much prospects and little or no evidence that researchers have approached how the libraries should accommodate and harness this revolutionary changes for improved library services provision. Therefore, this chapter aims to provide how the 4th industrial revolution affects the library and how libraries can harness the industrial revolution for enhanced services provision.



Udochukwu, D.P. and Agunwamba, C. (2021), "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Libraries", Chigwada, J.P. and Nwaohiri, N.M. (Ed.) Examining the impact of industry 4.0 on academic libraries, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 17-30.



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