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Russia Toward a High-tech Development Model

Tech, Smart Cities, and Regional Development in Contemporary Russia

ISBN: 978-1-78973-882-7, eISBN: 978-1-78973-881-0

Publication date: 29 July 2019


In the last 15 years, the high-growth economic rates of the Russian Federation (RF) have been caused by expansion of the country's participation in the world's raw and energy markets. Now the economic growth opportunities at the expense of these factors are generally exhausted, Russia is faced by problems of high-quality updating of all aspects of socioeconomic and sociopolitical life. These tasks are dictated as external “major challenges” of global character, and internal processes. To confront the challenges and to minimize risks, Russia needs to change the raw model of economic growth which poses the threats for stability of social and economic development.

First, the scientific, technological, and innovative policy which is carried out by industrially developed countries and some new industrial countries is to create the answer to a challenge of maintaining competitiveness and achievement of high productivity rates now. Its purpose is to stimulate development and deployment of advanced technologies, whose productivity significantly exceeds characteristics of traditional technologies.

The happening changes are so considerable that the world enters, perhaps, in the largest technological transition for all history when the richness of natural resources and low cost of work stop being major factors of growth. In total, these changes are estimated as “new industrial revolution” or, in narrower sense, as “technological revolution” which are based on the transition from mass production of the standardized production to the flexible high-performance production which is turning out the individualized products.

In this regard, the productive inclusion in new technological revolution, the implementation of the structural maneuver in economy and social system, can become one of the main objectives for Russia until 2035. The RF should pass a new development model which is based on high-tech industries. It is about the start of the big national project (program) “National Technological Initiative” (NTI).

The implementation of project-planning office functions of NTI is the priority direction of management and modern tool for business which is provided due to the development of NTI planning office, its full-scale expansion, and removal on operational power for support of development and implementation of the plans of measures (“road maps”) of NTI and projects for implementation of “road maps.”



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