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Managing Emerging Technology and Organizations with Agility

Advances in the Technology of Managing People: Contemporary Issues in Business

ISBN: 978-1-78973-074-6, eISBN: 978-1-78973-073-9

Publication date: 10 June 2019


Technology moves fast. If you do ot iterate and plan with agility, a new approach will come along, and you will miss it. This premise from Ferris Bueller. Cheesy or not, it does not make it any less factual. The author learned many new concepts in doing the research for this chapter. There were several “aha!” moments that warrant sharing. The research here garnered an opinion that relates to the concept of balance. The moment an organism or organization is closest to “balanced” is when it has optimal performance. Modern IT projects require Agile methodologies. Many organizations do not necessitate the same agility in the departments that the IT organization supports. It is the author’s opinion that this imbalance can cause problems with IT or company projects before they start.

As far as technologies the only thing that anyone can say definitively is that technology will change and that those changes will accelerate. Given that information, the best that any practitioner can do is write programming logic that uses robust, clean baseline technology that follows an existing pattern or standard, and then hope that the next piece of sliced bread builds on the premise of the previous loaf. The way people interface with technology is shifting with the advent of smartphones and tablets. The engineers of the future must understand and apply very sound logic in setting up new systems. The systems of the future are likely continuously deployed and a large portion of the programming logic will auto-generated based on the inputs coming into the system.



Howell, B.M. (2019), "Managing Emerging Technology and Organizations with Agility", Gordon, P.A. and Overbey, J.A. (Ed.) Advances in the Technology of Managing People: Contemporary Issues in Business (The Changing Context of Managing People), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 69-81.



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