Andrea Tomo (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)

Professional Identity Crisis

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Balancing the Internal and External Perception of Professional Image



University of Naples Federico II, Italy

United Kingdom – North America – Japan – India Malaysia – China

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List of Figures

Chapter 1
Figure 1.1. Identity Features Over Time. 15
Chapter 3
Figure 3.1. The Mediating Role of Proactive Personality within the Negative Relation between Perceived External Image and Goal Orientation. 103
Figure 3.2. Results from the Linear Regression Analysis. 109

List of Tables

Chapter 1
Table 1.1. Overview of the Studies Analyzed. 20
Table 1.2. Overview of the Countries Analyzed in the Studies. 21
Table 1.3. Overview of Cases Included in the Study. 22
Table 1.4. Categorization of Antecedents to Identity Struggles. 39
Table 1.5. Categorization of Identity Struggles. 40
Table 1.6. Categorization of Consequences of Identity Struggles. 41
Table 1.7. A Multi-level Description of the Struggles in Professional Identity. 47
Chapter 3
Table 3.1. Descriptive Statistics. 106
Table 3.2. Means, Standard Deviations, and Correlations. 107
Table 3.3. Results of the Hierarchical Regression Analysis (Hayes, 2013, for SPSS). 108

List of Boxes

Chapter 2
Box 2.1. Identity Crisis in Italian Educational and Training Sectors. 67
Box 2.2. The Role of Technology. 75

About the Author

Andrea Tomo is Assistant Professor of Organisation Studies at the Department of Economics, Management, Institutions of the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, where he also teaches Negotiation in Complex Organisations and Organisational Behaviour. He holds a PhD in Management from the University of Naples Federico II. He has been a Visiting Researcher at the Cass Business School of London, UK, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, UK, Leuphana Universität of Lüneburg, Germany, and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.


The author would like to express his great appreciation to Dr Davide de Gennaro not only for the precious contribution related to the second and third chapter, but also and above all for his valuable and constructive suggestions during the planning and development of this book. His willingness to give his time and effort has been very appreciated.