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The Concept of Business System

Specifics of Decision Making in Modern Business Systems

ISBN: 978-1-78756-692-7, eISBN: 978-1-78756-691-0

Publication date: 1 August 2019


Purpose: The purpose of the work is to specify the concept of business system, which allows overcoming the multitude of its treatments and contradiction of scientific research, devoted to its research and allows building the conclusions into the economic theory.

Methodology: A generalized notion of business as a clearly organized corporate economic subject that conducts entrepreneurial activities for the purpose of obtaining income (profit) is offered. For studying it, the methodology of the systemic approach is used.

Conclusions: The specified concept of business system allowed unifying within the common scientific category the existing concepts of economic subject (organizations, companies, corporations, and business structures).

Originality/value: Advantages of the offered concept of business system is systemic character (category “business system” could be used during research in the sphere of management, economics, and law), universal character (the offered concept allowed reflecting internal and external environment of the business system, which allows conducting microeconomic and macroeconomic research on its basis), and clarity (the offered concept reflects the essence of notions of business and illustrated them). The offered conceptual model of modern business system is to be a foundation for theoretical and empirical research, including interdisciplinary.




The book in the part of material was performed within the grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research No. 18-010-00103 A.


Popkova, E.G., Chesnokova, A.V., Gyiazov, A.T., Morozova, I.A. and Fetisova, O.V. (2019), "The Concept of Business System", Popkova, E.G., Chesnokova, A.V. and Morozova, I.A. (Ed.) Specifics of Decision Making in Modern Business Systems, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 5-11.



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