David C. Giles (University of Winchester, UK)

Twenty-First Century Celebrity: Fame In Digital Culture

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Publication date: 10 September 2018


Giles, D.C. (2018), "Prelims", Twenty-First Century Celebrity: Fame In Digital Culture, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. i-vi.



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Twenty-First Century Celebrity

Fame In Digital Culture

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Twenty-First Century Celebrity

Fame In Digital Culture



University of Winchester, UK

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Part I: Celebrity in Theory and Research
1. Celebrity Studies and the Changing Media Landscape 3
2. Towards a Theory of Media and Affordance 21
3. Celebrities and Their Audience(s) 39
Part II: The Twenty-First Century and the Digital Imperative
4. The 2000s: Reality TV and ‘Micro-Celebrity’ —Webcam Girls and Bloggers 59
5. Twitter as ‘Fundamental’: The Obligatory Use of Social Media by Celebrities 77
Part III: New Forms of Celebrity
6. YouTubers 107
7. The Popularity and Appeal of YouTubers: ‘Authenticity’ and ‘Ordinariness’ 131
8. Instagram and the Rise of the Social Media ‘Influencer’ 155
9. “What Else Does He Do?” Meme Celebrities 175
Part IV: The Future of Celebrity
10. Snapchat, Persona Studies, and Twenty-First Century Political Celebrity 189
Postscript: Conclusions and Reflections 203
References 207
Index 237