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Thriving Transitional Experiences: Self-Knowledge, Improvisation, and Transformation Quotient in a Highly Dynamic World

Human Capital and Assets in the Networked World

ISBN: 978-1-78714-828-4, eISBN: 978-1-78714-827-7

Publication date: 19 August 2017


As they say, “Change is the only constant.” Thriving and surviving during a period of extraordinary collision of technological advances, globalization, and climate change can be daunting. At any given point in one’s life, a transition can be interpreted in terms of the magnitude of change (how big or small) and the individual’s ontological experience of change (whether it disrupts an equilibrium or adapts an emergent way of life). These four quadrants represent different ways to live in a highly dynamic and complex world. We share the resulting four-quadrant framework from a quantitative and a mixed methods study to examine responses to various ways we respond to transitions. Contingent upon these two dimensions, one can use a four-quadrant framework to mobilize resources to design a response and hypothesize a desired outcome. Individuals may find themselves at various junctions of these quadrants over a lifespan. These four quadrants provide “requisite variety” to navigate individual ontology as they move into and out of fluid spaces we often call instability during a time of transition. In this chapter, we identified social, cognitive, psychological, and behavioral factors that contribute to thriving transition experiences, embracing dynamic stability. Two new constructs were developed, the first measures the receptivity to change, Transformation Quotient (TQ) and second measures the range of responses to transitions from surviving to thriving, Thriving Transitional Experiences (TTE). We hope our work will pave the way for Thriving to become a “normal” outcome of experiencing change by transforming the lexicon and expectation of engaging with transitions.



Woo, V.C.Y., Boland, R.J. and Cooperrider, D.L. (2017), "Thriving Transitional Experiences: Self-Knowledge, Improvisation, and Transformation Quotient in a Highly Dynamic World", Russ, M. (Ed.) Human Capital and Assets in the Networked World, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 87-150.



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