Jürgen Deters (Institute for Management and Organization (IMO) Leuphana University, Lueneburg, Germany)

Global Leadership Talent Management

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Publication date: 22 May 2017


Deters, J. (2017), "Prelims", Global Leadership Talent Management (Frontiers in Global Management), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. i-xiii.



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Successful Selection of Global Leadership Talents as an Integrated Process

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Successful Selection of Global Leadership Talents as an Integrated Process



Institute for Management and Organization (IMO) Leuphana University, Lueneburg, Germany

United Kingdom – North America – Japan – India – Malaysia – China

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List of Abbreviations

AC Assessment Center
ASCO Australian Standard Classification of Occupations
CASA Cultural Agility Self-Assessment
DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardization)
ed.; eds Editor; editors
e.g. Exempli gratia (for example)
et al. et alii (masculine), et aliae (feminine), or et alia (neuter), in all cases meaning “and others”
EVP Employee Value Proposition
GCI Global Competencies Inventory
GLAC Global Leadership Assessment Center
HR Human Resource(s)
HRM Human Resource Management
IAC International Assessment Center
ibid. ibidem (in the same place)
i.e. id est (that is)
IES Intercultural Effectiveness Scale
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISO/TC International Organization for Standardization/Technical committee
IT Information Technology
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KSAOs Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics
MNE Multinational Enterprise
PISA Programme for International Student Assessment
SHRM Society for Human Resource Management
sic Sic erat scriptum (thus written)
SME Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise
U.S. GAAP United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

List of Figures

Chapter 2
Figure 2.1 Definitions of Global Leader. 11
Figure 2.2 Talent Acquisition Process 30
Chapter 4
Figure 4.1 Advantages and Disadvantages of Major Competency Approaches. 88
Figure 4.2 Competencies in the Selection Process of Global Leadership Talents. 94
Figure 4.3 Competency Models as Key Instrument of HRM Integration. 96
Figure 4.4 Competency Fields for Global Leaders. 108
Figure 4.5 Structure of a Global Competency Model. 118
Figure 4.6 Global Leadership Competency Model. 119
Chapter 5
Figure 5.1 Trimodal Selection Approach. 153
Figure 5.2 Biographical Questionnaire. 158
Figure 5.3 Global Leadership Talent Selection Process. 189

List of Tables

Chapter 4
Table 4.1 Example of a Five-Point Rating Scale for Assessment Centers 103
Table 4.2 Example. 104