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Al–Maha mobile shop

Marios Katsioloudes (Department of Management and Marketing, College of Business and Economics, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar)
Fauzia Jabeen (Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

Publication date: 1 October 2011

Issue publication date: 1 October 2011


Subject area

Strategic management/entrepreneurship.

Study level/applicability

Undergraduate and/or MBA level in either a strategic management and/or entrepreneurship courses.

Case overview

The dilemma that Zayed, Al–Maha's founder and owner, is facing, is typical for an entrepreneur who has been successful for a number of years (ten, in his case), without a formal strategy. He is now at a cross–road: should he expand in his present location in the Madinat Zayed Shopping Center, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, or open another store in another location? if he grows within its current location, how would that be? Zayed, like many small–store owners in a developing economy, faces fierce competition especially in the mobile phone business. Technology is changing constantly, demand is increasing and he has to address all these issues, among others, before making a decision. Should he create an advisory council so he can be the recipient of feedback from trusted individuals who might serve on this council? Finally, he is seeking his close friend Refaat's opinion, as to what to do next and how.

Expected learning outcomes

Students should be able to: analyze the internal and external environments of a small–medium enterprise (SME); understand the importance of a vision/mission and smart objectives; make strategic decisions regarding the future direction of an SME; analyze the financial statements of an SME; draft a strategic plan based on the aforementioned; and understand the pros and cons of an SME in a developing economy such as the UAE.

Supplementary materials

Teaching notes.



Katsioloudes, M. and Jabeen, F. (2011), "Al–Maha mobile shop", , Vol. 1 No. 4.



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