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Valuation of real estate assets in China

Kwong Chau (Lecturer in Land Construction and Economics in the Department of Surveying at The Hong Kong University, Hong Kong)
Wai Lai (Lecturer in Land Construction and Economics in the Department of Surveying at The Hong Kong University, Hong Kong)

Journal of Property Valuation and Investment

ISSN: 0960-2712

Article publication date: 1 December 1995


Examines the problems of valuing properties in China, as part of an ongoing research project on the developing of the socialist market economy in China. Identifies these problems by examining the valuation reports in the listing documents of the Chinese State enterprises issuing what is termed “H‐shares” in Hong Kong′s Stock Exchange. Comments on the approaches adopted in these valuation reports from both legal and theoretical points of view. Makes reference also to the property laws in China and the guidelines issued by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for valuation of property in developing markets including China. Despite the different terminology used by Chinese officials, China is moving towards being a capitalist economy. This is evident in many events that have been happening in China. One such event, which started a number of years ago, is the land reform in China which allows private ownership and transfer of land use rights. As a result, nowadays most listed companies in Hong Kong possess, in one form or other, land use rights in China. On the other hand, despite the speed of such changes, China is still very different from other capitalist economies in terms of the organization and operation of its “markets” including the “property market”. Another more recent event is the “privatization” of state‐owned enterprises by way of listing in the stock exchanges of capitalist economies such as Hong Kong and New York, with the former predominating. These two changes have given rise to an issue which is of interest to both academic and practising surveyors: how should property which is situated in China and owned by the state enterprises be valued for the purpose of listing in Hong Kong′s Stock Exchange?



Chau, K. and Lai, W. (1995), "Valuation of real estate assets in China", Journal of Property Valuation and Investment, Vol. 13 No. 5, pp. 50-66.




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