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Self‐assessment of Thinking and Problem Solving: Facilitating Career Planning and Diversity Training

Albert S. King (Professor of Management and Human Resources at Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, Illinois, USA.)

International Journal of Career Management

ISSN: 0955-6214

Article publication date: 1 December 1994


Presents an overview of studies of the brain revealing that the cerebral cortex is divided into two hemispheres along with emergent implications for teaching the two‐sided mind and career selection in an experiential exercise format. The exercise follows a heuristic pattern of user‐friendly self‐discovery allowing participants to compare their actual thinking and problem‐solving behaviour with their professed attitudes in terms of left, right, and mixed brain patterns. For participants the exercise helps to: identify styles along with factors affecting attitudes and behaviour; increase understanding of the relationship and complexity between attitudes and behaviour; and to become more aware of their own attitudes and behaviour in career choice, training, and diverse situations. For career planning, instructional design and training managers the instrumented feedback design provides a tool for educational research and a conceptual analytic framework for recognizing the contingent complexity and feasibility issues involved in successful implementation of career and diversity training management.



King, A.S. (1994), "Self‐assessment of Thinking and Problem Solving: Facilitating Career Planning and Diversity Training", International Journal of Career Management, Vol. 6 No. 5, pp. 18-29.




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