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Bituminous coating: effects of cashew nut shell liquid‐tannin resins

A.O. Aloko (O. Akaranta and A.O. Aloko are both based in the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, at the University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.)

Pigment & Resin Technology

ISSN: 0369-9420

Publication date: 1 December 1999


Copolymer resins of peanut skin tannin extract, aldehydes and cashew nut shell liquid were prepared. The resins were blended with bitumen and used in formulating oleoresinous wood varnishes. The film properties of the varnishes were determined and the results showed that the gloss and scratch hardness of the films increased with increase in the quantity of cashew nut shell liquid/tannin‐aldehyde resins incorporated. The results also showed that the resins improved the chemical resistance of the varnish films. Varnish compositions containing 50:50 of bitumen and the resins gave films with satisfactory physical and chemical properties. The study showed that it is possible to formulate excellent oleoresinous wood varnishes using blends of bitumen and cashew nut shell liquid/tannin‐aldehyde resins.



Akaranta, O. and Aloko, A.O. (1999), "Bituminous coating: effects of cashew nut shell liquid‐tannin resins", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 28 No. 6, pp. 336-341.




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