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About cybernetics, its roots and future

Robert Vallée (Université Paris‐Nord, Paris, France)


ISSN: 0368-492X

Article publication date: 1 July 2000


Norbert Wiener and Warren S. McCulloch are presented as the main contemporary initiators of cybernetics. Wiener chose Leibniz as “patron saint” of cybernetics because of his works on general logics and binary arithmetics. On the contrary McCulloch chose Descartes, having observed the intervention of a feedback in his conceptions about perception and consecutive action. The two paradigmatic views of Wiener and McCulloch may indicate two streams of evolution for cybernetics, leading, on the one side, to general views about perception and action or “epistemo‐praxiology” and, on the other side, to considerations about interacting systems such as a generalized world‐wide network comparable to a “creature of gigantic dimensions” covering the globe.



Vallée, R. (2000), "About cybernetics, its roots and future", Kybernetes, Vol. 29 No. 5/6, pp. 573-575.




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