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Tipping points on the horizon: Opportunities for applying the enterprise of the future framework

Arthur J. Murray (Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc., Boyce, Virginia, USA)


ISSN: 0305-5728

Article publication date: 20 June 2008




The purpose of this paper is to examine the previously published conceptual framework of the enterprise of the future (EOF) in light of new trends and predicted changes in global socio‐economic conditions.


The paper examines socio‐economic data which indicate the emergence of major trends; analyzes the emerging trends and looks for convergences that will likely result in “tipping points”, i.e. paradigmatic shifts which render current business models obsolete, and demand the development of new, more agile models.


The very near future (10‐20 years) will likely see a convergence of several emerging trends which will demand dramatically new knowledge‐intensive enterprise models. Some of the trends cited in the paper include; diminishing fossil fuel supplies in the face of increasing demand; aging public infrastructure; stresses on the health care system and emerging workforce created by an aging population; economic disequilibrium caused by unsustainable levels of government deficit spending and monetary expansion. Three specific applications of the EOF were selected for their relevance in addressing the challenges presented; developing the capacity for sustained innovation and problem‐solving; transitioning toward a knowledge‐based paradigm for medical research; promoting social knowledge entrepreneurship.


Applying the EOF conceptual framework will aid in an organization's ability to recognize, respond to, and even anticipate, major trends and tipping points in a complex, rapidly changing market. Expected overall benefits include; dissolution of old organizational barriers, and the improved flow of knowledge; more rapid response to changing conditions; greater clarity of vision, and improved execution of strategy; increased overall organizational performance.



Murray, A.J. (2008), "Tipping points on the horizon: Opportunities for applying the enterprise of the future framework", VINE, Vol. 38 No. 2, pp. 155-162.



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