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Digraph‐based reliability assessment of a tribo‐pair

B. Sharma (G.B. Engineering College, Pauri, India)
O.P. Gandhi (Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India)

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology

ISSN: 0036-8792

Article publication date: 2 May 2008




Most of the mechanical systems consist of common tribo components such as gear, bearing, seal, pump, etc. During operation, the failure of such a component may lead to failure of the system or any other components depending on the system structure or its connections. The transformation of functional quantities or parameters within and various components make these vulnerable to failures and breakdowns. The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the reliability of a tribo‐pair during operation based on the operational parameters which takes into account the deviation in functional objective and considers the component structure explicitly.


Failure representation using digraph models have mainly been limited to chemical systems and processes but have been applied to a limited extent to mechanical systems. Researchers have considered the operating parameters such as pressure, temperature; feed rate, flow, etc. as the input/output operational parameter for failure cause identification of tribo mechanical system. However, these are not true in case of components like gear, bearing, etc. Therefore, this methodology has been refined in this paper, and is extended to a tribo‐pair by considering its functions along with operating parameters for reliability assessment. The tribo‐pair considered for the development of model is a gear pair, which is a common and important example of mechanical components.


Understanding of the failure modes helps the designer in identifying the root cause of failure and the operational parameters whose increase/decrease affects the functional objective. Consideration of the input and output parameters and their interrelations are used to develop input‐output model of a gear pair called gear pair model. This requires consideration of the input and output parameters, which are based on the gear pair functionality. These parameters have been identified. Four input parameters; five output parameters and one condition monitoring parameter are considered to model the gear pair. In addition to input and output parameters condition monitoring parameters are also considered to develop the gear pair model.


Reliability assessment of a tribo‐pair during operation will help the practicing engineers to take corrective action and minimize the occurrence of undesired failure symptom during operation. The decrease in possibility of undesired failure symptom will enhance the reliability of mechanical system.



Sharma, B. and Gandhi, O.P. (2008), "Digraph‐based reliability assessment of a tribo‐pair", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 60 No. 3, pp. 153-163.



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