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Evaluating Marketing Actions and Outcomes

ISBN: 978-0-76231-046-3, eISBN: 978-1-84950-230-6

Publication date: 4 September 2003


Missing in most of the research on selling has been an examination of the process from the point of view of the customer. When satisfaction in selling has been considered, researchers have focused on the satisfaction of the salesperson with his job and/or the impact of this job satisfaction on performance (e.g. Bluen, Barling & Burns, 1990; Churchill, Ford & Walker, 1979; Pruden & Peterson, 1971). To concentrate on salesperson performance while neglecting customers is to ignore the most important half of the relationship between buyers and sellers and entirely disregards the marketing concept and the streams of research in customer satisfaction. This research takes a different approach and examines customers’ satisfaction with salespeople.


Preis, M.W., Divita, S.F. and Smith, A.K. (2003), "BUILDING EFFECTIVE BUYER-SELLER DYADIC RELATIONSHIPS", Woodside, A.G. (Ed.) Evaluating Marketing Actions and Outcomes (Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing, Vol. 12), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 263-358.



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