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Cultures of Contamination

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ISSN: 0196-1152

Publication date: 16 May 2007

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(2007), "List of Contributors", Edelstein, M.R., Tysiachniouk, M. and Smirnova, L.V. (Ed.) Cultures of Contamination (Research in Social Problems and Public Policy, Vol. 14), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. xiii-xv.



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List of Contributors
Sustainability and the Need to Deal with the Contaminated Legacy: A Comparison of Russia and the U.S.
Section 1: Introduction
The Love Canal: Social Science Research in a Community in Crisis
Forging Change in a Contaminated Russian City: A Longitudinal View of Kirishi
Sokol: Seeing the Forests for the Trees
The Case of the Pinewood Landfill: The Politics of Risk, Rationality, and the Disposal of Hazardous Waste
Fear of Cancer in a Rural Appalachian Community Following Notification of an Environmental Hazard
Toxic Water and the Anthill Effect: The Development of a Subculture of Distress in a Once Contaminated Community
Section 2: Introduction
Closed City, Open Disaster
The Most Contaminated Place on Earth: Community Response to Long-term Radiological Disaster in Russia's Southern Urals
Psycho-Social Consequences due to Radioactive Contamination in the Techa River Region of Russia
Environmental Risk Perception after Chernobyl
Habitual Risk Taking in Dzerzhinsk: Daily Life in the Capital of Soviet Chemistry
Hanford: The Closed City and its Downwind Victims
Section 3: Introduction
A Grassroots Perspective on the Brownfields and Superfund Programs
Cleaning Up from the Cold War: Medical, Ecological and Psychological Aspects of the Russian Experience with Chemical Weapons Destruction
Chernobyl: A Liquidator's Story
Into Thin Air: Training Children to Live in Polluted Environment
Social Remediation: Contamination as an Impetus For Ecological Learning
Section 4: Introduction
Coming Clean after 9/11: The Continuing World Trade Center Disaster
Environmental Altruism: A Comparison of Russia and the United States
The Parable of the Lions Bridge: Potentials for Mutual Learning between Cultures of Contamination
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