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Studies in Symbolic Interaction

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Publication date: 25 July 2008

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(2008), "List of Contributors", Denzin, N.K. (Ed.) Studies in Symbolic Interaction (Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Vol. 30), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. ix-xi.



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Studies in symbolic interaction
Studies in symbolic interactionVolume 30
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List of Contributors
Elaborating the discursive contexts of framing: discursive fields and spaces
Invited comment: Framing, Actions and Feedback
Celebrating work
Saving sociology
Rewriting the subject of knowledge: Contributions from the work of Patricia Ticineto Clough
Producing, consuming, and providing instruction on poetic texts in the classical roman era: the pragmatist contributions of Horace, Longinus, and Plutarch
Identities and involutes: some reflections on narrative ethics
Social symbolism: forms and functions – a pragmatist perspective
Responding to verbal ambiguity: the case of puns
The specter of whiteness
Dimensions of the postmodern self
Others in the making of selves
Symbolic spaces in dirty work: academic service as authentic resistance
Using myth to break oppression: an interactive investigation of Ecuador's Mestizo cultural identity
From Cosby's lips and through the media's filters: A framing analysis of Bill Cosby's remarks on the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of education and the journalistic response
Reconstructing relationships in the classroom: an autoethnographic tale of learning
My short and happy life as a decorated war hero
The home run: A Dramaturgical moment in time
Scorekeeping versus storytelling: Representational practices in the construction of “hate crime”
The use of critical life history inquiry as a methodology for studying the identity construction of activist educators
Community in a mobile subculture: the world of the touring motorcyclist