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Latest daily briefing

17 September 2021

ASEAN: Bloc will be uneasy about AUKUS

17 September 2021

BULGARIA/EU: Interim cabinet will manage recovery plan

17 September 2021
The CPRF's relationship with the authorities has become increasingly conflictual. The CPRF's rise is rooted in its ability to exploit growing protest trends, but curtailed…

17 September 2021
The attack, which involved drones, illustrates the evolving tactics of crime groups, and follows a string of violent, sometimes coordinated, incidents at prisons this…

17 September 2021
Many areas of the Caribbean have trade, investment and family connections with communities in Florida. As the state now plays a pivotal role in US electoral politics…

17 September 2021

GUINEA: Junta will resist ECOWAS-imposed timetable

17 September 2021
They are key signatories of the 2015 multilateral Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which Tehran has progressively breached following the…

17 September 2021
The winner will become prime minister and lead the party into a general election that must take place before the middle of November. Four candidates are running. The…

17 September 2021

AFGHANISTAN: Key states press Taliban on inclusion

17 September 2021

ARGENTINA: Kirchner attack raises institutional risks

17 September 2021

MALI: Leader killings will disrupt ISGS -- for now

17 September 2021
He was greeted with a ‘sit at home’ protest by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Although crowds appeared at some events, the protest appears to have been a success…

17 September 2021
There are large regional variations in access to electricity, ranging from less than 10% electrification in Chad to a high of 70% in Senegal. Most countries are heavily…

17 September 2021

SUDAN: The economy will slowly improve

17 September 2021

GERMANY: Parties still have much to play for

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