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3 July 2020

Algerian authorities move to offset protest risks

ALGERIA: Authorities move to offset protest risks

3 July 2020

Central Asia faces COVID-19 surge and resurgence risks

Like Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan took timely action when evidence of COVID-19 emerged. Their governments' claim of effective management may prove justified but…

3 July 2020

Colombia SFAB ruling will compound military mistrust

COLOMBIA: SFAB ruling will compound military mistrust

3 July 2020

Development bodies boost gender mainstreaming effort

Development institutions are adapting their responses to tackle this challenge.

3 July 2020

Equatorial Guinea’s Obiang will further stifle dissent

While there is scepticism over the government’s figures, officially recorded deaths are low at 51. However, all sectors of the economy have been negatively impacted -…

3 July 2020

Ethiopia opposition trials will deepen tensions

ETHIOPIA: Opposition trials will deepen tensions

3 July 2020

EU state aid plans will concern some trade partners

EU state aid.

3 July 2020

Hanoi and Manila are ASEAN outliers on South China Sea

ASEAN: Hanoi and Manila are outliers on sea dispute

3 July 2020

Hong Kong and spying worsen China-Japan friction

JAPAN: Hong Kong and spying worsen friction with China

3 July 2020

India-Nepal tensions are unlikely to abate quickly

Delhi earlier this year irked Kathmandu by inaugurating a new road in the area. Although India has historically dominated Nepal’s politics and diplomacy, Delhi and Beijing…

3 July 2020

International pressures risk backfiring in Venezuela

VENEZUELA: International pressures risk backfiring

3 July 2020

Iran nuclear site explosion will hike regional tension

IRAN: Nuclear site incident will hike regional tension

3 July 2020

Mexico’s oil hedge programme faces a tough year

The hedge is the largest single trade in the crude oil market, renewed annually between the government and a selection of banks and commodity houses. If Mexico cannot keep…

3 July 2020

Misleading US job jump could complicate stimulus talks

UNITED STATES: Jobs jump could confuse stimulus talks

3 July 2020

Planned visit may prompt a Moroccan-Spanish spat

MOROCCO/SPAIN: Planned visit may prompt a spat

3 July 2020

Putin secures future without offering Russia more

RUSSIA: Putin secures his future

3 July 2020

South Africa faces sharp loss in economic capacity

SOUTH AFRICA: Sharp loss in economic capacity likely

3 July 2020

The Saudi-Turkish split will become increasingly toxic

SAUDI ARABIA/TURKEY: Split will be increasingly toxic

3 July 2020

US police reform battle will go to local level

Protesters nationwide are calling for police forces to be defunded or closed. Congress has struggled to pass remedial police reforms and can only legislate on federal…

3 July 2020

Women judges may be limited in Kuwait and wider Gulf

KUWAIT/GULF STATES: Women judges may be limited

3 July 2020

Zimbabwean political-military divides could worsen

ZIMBABWE: Political-military divides could worsen

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